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Tree Safety Services

The oneSource Health & Safety Team offers a range of services to enable the effective management of tree safety in schools, colleges and other educational establishments. The effective safety management of trees is a 3 stage process:

tree with autumn-coloured leaves against a bright blue sky

Tree Safety Risk Assessment

A technician will undertake a site visit to identify and catalogue the trees on site. Following the visit they will provide the establishment with a spreadsheet of the collated data and a site plan showing the trees' locations and zone/risk rating. oneSource uses a 3 zone system which relates to the potential severity posed if a tree (or part thereof) were to fail. Trees in Zone 1, the highest risk group, will require the most frequent inspections.

Tree Safety Inspections

Tree safety inspections are required to ensure that trees are not developing problems which could lead to a full or partial failure of their integrity. The frequency of inspections will initially be determined by the Tree Safety Risk Assessment, but may be amended depending on the latest findings of a tree inspection.

Due to the nature of both these services they are charged by the hour in arrears for assessment, inspection, report wriitng and travel time. Initial visit combined tree safety assessement and inspection visits can be undertaken.